Student Sellers: Jake Bilton, The Plums

We trekked to Leeds to catch up with some of our most successful student sellers. Meet Jake (aka The Plums), the 20-year-old Events student that funds trips across Europe with his Marketplace profits - sounds good, eh?!

What are you studying at university?
I am currently in my 3rd year studying Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m definitely an old fashioned boy at heart – I incorporate current trends with classic pieces such as a Barbour jacket.

Why did you choose to sell on ASOS Marketplace?
I have always been interested in fashion so being able to source and style-up unique pieces for my ASOS Marketplace store is a great way to express my creative side. Also it’s an easy way to earn extra cash whilst studying.

How long have you been selling on Marketplace?
Eighteen months.

How much have you made so far?
Since starting out I’ve made around £2000. As ASOS Marketplace is a fashion-focused site I think it is the best platform for my collection and I am excited to see where The Plums will be in a year’s time.

What’s your favourite thing about Marketplace?
The simple functionality allows me to upload items quickly in my free time. Also I feel that it is the hub for the fashion conscious to shop, which is perfect as this reflects my own style.

Why would you recommend Marketplace to students?
I feel that students find it hard to balance studying and having a job so being able to sell on Marketplace is great as you can work around your own personal schedule. Also everyone likes to pocket some extra cash - I have been able to travel around Eastern Europe with the profits I have made from selling!

What advice would you give to students who want to start selling?
I think it’s important to start small and grow your brand slowly. I quickly realised that in order for my collection to stand out aspects such as styling and shoot location were key, along with stocking pieces that reflect the overall aesthetic of my brand. Creating a good customer experience is essential, too; adding special touches when packing an order and replying to messages promptly will insure that customers leave positive feedback.

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