Seller Visit: Fix Up Look Sharp

If you love upcycled pieces, you're going to want to read all about what goes on behind-the-scenes at Fix Up Look Sharp. We had a chat with designer Ruth Strugnell who gave us the scoop...

So, Fix Up Look Sharp – who, where and when?

So team Fix Up consists of myself, Gemma Pope and Hayley Robinson. We have a studio in Stokes Croft where the upcycling magic happens.

Tell us a bit more about where the profits from your sales go.

100% of the money goes straight to CLIC Sargent, helping support children and young people with  cancer.

You upcycle and design all the pieces in house – can you tell us a bit about the process?

Well it all starts in the charity shop that I work in. I take the clothes that don’t sell  (keeping an eye out for fabrics, colours and prints that are on trend) down to the studio to be cut up and reworked. There are certain items that we look out for to create specific designs, for example, over the summer we made a lot of little playsuits which we could only make out of pieces of fabric such as bedsheets and curtains.

What do you think is the best bit about recycling and giving clothes a new life?

It’s a very different way of working, as you work with whatever fabrics come your way, and make them fit the design rather than designing a collection around the fabric. It’s fun and keeps you on your toes, constantly designing as you go. Not to mention its great for the environment! Reusing clothes and making them into something new gives the fabric a new lease of life, making people think more about the fabric and it's story. For me our label ticks all the boxes - the money goes to a great charity, we are recycling unloved/pre-loved garments, and everything we make is a unique one off.

You're based in Bristol – how does that inspire you? How would you describe the style in Bristol?

The clothes we make are very much a Bristol style,  a real mix of urban streetwear mixed with vintage styles. We often use vintage or retro fabrics, stitching them onto a sweater or denim shirt, combining, those  styles together and having a bit of fun with it. People in Bristol are not afraid to wear something a bit quirky and that’s what we aim to deliver.

What is your most popular product at the moment?

Our most popular product at the moment are our vintage sweats, with a patch of jazzy recycled fabric stitched to the front. Simple but effective! All one offs and they are flying off the rails at the moment!

Give us a super quick DIY tip!

Well at FULS we never waste any bit of fabric, if its too small to use we recycle it, but smallish bits get used for scrunchies! Everyone is loving the '90s look at the moment, and a lovely colourful scrunchie is a great way to funk up an outfit and use that last bit of that fabulous fabric that you don’t want to throw away!

For more on Fix Up Look Sharp, check out our video above.