Brand New Boutiques

With over 600 boutiques on Marketplace (phew!), it's easy to get lost trying to find new favourites. Check out our round-up the new boutiques on the block and get following! 

"Hand picked vintage from around the world brought to you from a small seaside town. We hunt down the most original pieces so you can be ahead of the pack. Show us your teeth, howl against the wind and be wild. We know you want to!"

"We are vintage fashion enthusiasts and hunters. Finding beads to highlight Your personality. In our boutique You will find variety of styles: Edgy+Bohemian+Feminine+Sporty+Casual Follow our boutique and be first in Your village!"

"With Love Betty has been created solely for vintage fashion. All pieces are handpicked, so come explore & find special, irreplaceable pieces which your treasure for years to come. Be unique and express yourself through fashion. Please note that all our items are VINTAGE which means they have been worn & pre-loved."

"NORVINE established 2011 in London as Norvine Clothing Limited. We are an internationally operating company, since 2012 we are headquartered in Dusseldorf and with a branch in London and in California. We're proud of our great quality which is Fair Wear certified and made in Europe."

"My Tribe are all about Colour and bold prints. We design one off pieces that are perfect for anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd. Our aim is to bring you something special and different from the high street brands. We also select super fresh vintage pieces and customized one off garments Every original My Tribe piece is made with love in London"

"Hand crafted knit pieces juxtaposed with clean refined silhouettes creating a distinct aesthetic. London Based - Nigerian Born. To belong and yet be noticed; To have a voice and yet not have to raise it; Understated but not underrated."