Seller Visit: We Are Hairy People

We dropped by Bristol-based boutique We Are Hairy People to get the lowdown on their rad painted garms - read on to find out how they do it...

Who, what and where is We Are Hairy People? 

We Are Hairy People is a hand Painted Clothing Brand based in Bristol.

Our name declares our imperfection. All pieces are uniquely made by WAHP artists. We are looking to help employ Artists in the future, and to discourage the use of sweatshops. We also believe in creating a healthier body image in our publicity, to stand up against the fashion industry's expectations of beauty which put pressure on us all. Our clothes are easy to wear and fun!

We Are Hairy People has just been me- Sarah, for the past year, but now I have a partner called Lizzie who paints with me all day! We're getting there :)

You hand paint all your clothes – that's amazing! How did that begin?

I was doing it for fun then realised people wanted in on the fun! Which I'm very grateful for. So basically it started accidentally... I have no fashion nor business background, I'm just a painter, and I love it!

How long does it take you to complete a garment?

We buy garments in from sweatshop free suppliers, then each piece takes a couple of hours to paint. Then we set the paints and individually package every one ourselves. The handmade dresses take a bit longer- about a day to cut, pin and sew together, using fabric made in the UK. So it's very labour intensive, but definitely made with love!

Tell us about your typical working day

I pretty much just paint all day while listening along to my favourite TV Programme of the season, which at the moment is the US Office! I drink lot's of hot chocolate & do some customer emails, maybe some research. My favourite part of my job is designing & making new things, but it's a bit nerve racking as an artist to see whether they're going to go down well! I also love doing shoots and editing the images- definitely the most fun part as you might see from our videos!

Who is the We Are Hairy People girl? What are her hobbies? What music does she listen to?

The WAHP girl loves caring for people, and appreciates where her clothes have come from, as well as being fun and light hearted! She sits by the river with friends and hot chocolate, laughing together at the paddling dogs, listening to 90's pop music!

You're based in Bristol – how does that inspire you?

Apart from being surrounded by rivers and forests, which constantly remind me of fun and freedom, I'm also surrounded by caring friends, who inspire me with their love. It's all about the people, the cotton picker, the sewer, the families, the friends, the painter, and the wearer!

Want an illustrated piece of your own? Head over to the We Are Hairy People boutique to get your hands on a one-off.