No Model Required. Selling just got easier…

Haven't sold on ASOS Marketplace yet? Now you’ve got no excuses as it just got easier (and cheaper!)

Maybe in the past you’ve been put off selling because either;

a)      You don't fancy trying your hand at modeling or having your picture posted on the web
b)      The reason you wanted to sell the item in the first place is because the item doesn't fit, so modeling it is out of the question

Well now you can snap your items hanging or lying flat. All we ask is that you shoot in a clean, uncluttered environment using natural daylight to show your item off at its best.

Plus it’s completely FREE to list up to 250 items at any one time, and from 17th June you’ll only pay 9%* commission when your item sells. That’s down from 10%.

Other than that, that’s it! So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for a SELLER account here

Happy Selling.

The ASOS Marketplace Team

P.S - If you're a boutique, we have exciting changes for you too! Find out more

*If you sell more than 50 items in any one month you’ll pay 15% commission from your 51st sale thereafter, but we think that’ll be a nice problem to have.

UK Student?

We offer discounted selling fees for all NUS Extra card holders which means that you’ll pay 8% commission instead of 9%. To attach your NUS Extra card number to your ASOS Marketplace account log in to your Financial Details page.

To find out how other students have used ASOS Marketplace to fund their student lifestyles check this out.