Brand New Boutiques

Get a heads up on the fresh new labels to love in our latest Brand New Boutiques post...

We are filing the 2nd year BA Fashion Design and Fashion Buying Management students of Westminster University under the "next big thing". Their latest capsule collection has made a mark on the Marketplace scene and we can guarantee that these emerging designers will become as familiar to you as Stella, Wang and DVF.

Fast forward to A/W '13/14 with In Real Life London. With a collection boasting epic fantasy furs and prints, designer Cornelia Van Rijswijk will help add an extra kick to your new season wardrobe.

Cats Got The Cream break down the essential pieces that you'll need to revive grunge's glory days. Drop by for vintage sportswear and statement sweats that are styled up to ensure you a serious tumblr following. 

We are looking to Peppercorn Circus to kit us out in classic midi styles for the warmer weather. Head on over to their boutique for cherry-picked pieces. 

From '60s sundresses to festival-ready pieces, Whisky Marmalade have won us over with their collection of trend led vintage that is amped up with retro style photography. 

On the hunt for summer staples with a bit of punch? Then check out Marble Vintage for retro pieces with a modern makeover.