Vintage in Paris with Audrey Rogers

We caught up with one of our favourite bloggers, Audrey Rogers (aka Frassy), who gave us the lowdown on hunting down the best vintage in Paris.

What is so special about buying vintage?

I read this article once in a Fashion/Literary Journal about how clothes absorb "molecules" from each person that wears it. I love the idea of this - how an old piece of clothing contains "life" or "energy" within its fabric fibres - it makes the garment so much more appealing to me. 

Any tips for hunting down the perfect second-hand piece? 

What should we look out for? When I go vintage shopping, I usually have a couple mental notes on what I am wanting to buy. Often it can be super overwhelming trawling through piles and piles of clothes, so instead of being aimless in your rummaging, choose specific items you are looking for, such as "florals" or "skirts" or "pastels". 

What is the vintage scene like in Paris? What can we expect to find? 

The vintage scene in Paris is much more vibrant and a lot more affordable than London, purely because French people have an aversion to vintage clothing - it's not such a huge "trend" here as it is in other places. Which is great because the vintage stores here are a lot less picked over, so you can find amazing pieces for great prices. 

Tell us about your biggest second-hand bargain! 

I bought a vintage, velvet beautiful Armani blazer for abour 7 euros back when I was 18, and I still wear it all the time! 

Free'p'Star, 20 Rue de Rivoli // I like Free'p'Star alot (there are now three of them in Paris - always way too crowded but so reliable, because whenever I go, I never leave empty-handed)

Porte de Montreuil Flea Market // Jammed pack with super cheap vintage treasures, you can get a whole handful of new clothes for less than 10 euros

Vintage Bar, 16 Rue de la Verrerie // This one is in the Marais, and is more upmarket and expensive but brimming with beautiful designer pieces - totally worth a trip.

Before you book your Eurostar, find out how Audrey styles her vintage finds on her blog, Frassy.