Then & Now | Mother's Day

Our sellers prove that super stylin' runs in the family by sharing one of their most cherished hand-me-downs. Pieces with a story behind them are always the most-loved, so click through to find out how these mother and daughter duos styled up the same piece in different decades.

Every girl needs a little black dress and thankfully this is one of the only pieces that survived my mums need for regular wardrobe organizing. It is a keeper in my closet, not just because it is a beautiful dress but for its sentimental value too. It was made by my Nana's friends daughter who studied fashion and called herself  'Fletcher Joyce'. I love how it always has been and always will be a one of a kind piece. The dress has amazing long lace sleeves and I like to give the dress a more casual look by wearing it with my fringed leather gilet and red boots. If only my mum had held on to more treats for me from her collection. The dress and I will both share our 23rd birthday this year! 

I'm wearing my mum's handmade blue dress. She still tells the story of when, on the way to a nightclub in the early '80s, the dress was sewn so tightly all the way down that she couldn't walk properly. They went in to an alley and her best friend Linda (who I was named after) had to use a nail file to unpick the thread - hence why it now has a split!

My mum has a always had a bit of a 'uniform', with little tops and high waisted skirts being a main feature of her wardrobe.  She had lots of these stretchy crop tops in many colours, and is wearing the white one seen here in the photo on a family trip to Florida in the 1980s.  As I have got older I have noticed that I wear more of the same styles of clothes that my mum did, and I wear this top with high waisted skirts too, or jeans and a shirt for a more casual look. 

Hazel, Rag & Bow

The suit was made by my Mum in 1973. She made nearly all of her own clothes as she was passionate about fashion but couldn’t get the designs she wanted living in Grenada. She married my Dad in Shipley, Yorkshire, in 1974 and she is pictured here on one of their weekend breaks exploring the moors. I wear the suit jacket the most with a plain t-shirt, 90s gold necklace, slim fitting tapered trousers and high pointy heels.

Antonia, Tangerine Dreams

My mum wore this suit as her 'going away' outfit at her wedding.  I love to wear the jacket (sadly I can't fit into the skirt!) as it is timeless and goes with everything!  I dress it up with a skirt and heels and dress it down with shorts or jeans.  It is made with a beautiful silk which would cost a lot nowadays so I am very pleased my mum kept it in such good condition. I wish she had kept more clothing but she only kept this for nostalgic reasons.  Luckily she kept more jewellery and some of those designs inspire me in what I make today.

I wear my mothers graduation hat from her graduation in 1966. The graduation caps are the same across sweden, all students wear them from April 30th until their graduation in May/June. The hat is covered in champagne and wine stains as you pretty get covered in it throughout your graduation day!

The graduation cap holds memories of a very special time in most Swedish peoples lives!

My grandma's handbag has been on pretty much every night out with me -  I have had my eye on it for as long as I can remember and have even kept grandma's perfume samples in the inside pocket. I love everything about it and wear it with everything. It fits just about all my rubbish in and it's like a weapon for barging your way to the bar!
 God knows how old it is, but it's still going strong.