The Forever Pieces

New year, new wardrobe! Forget shopping the trends, it’s time to invest in forever pieces. From the classic trench to a leather satchel, our Marketplace sellers stock the pieces that you’ll wear time and time again. 

Whilst your studded beanie or creepers might look rad right now, they aren’t going to be on trend in 6 months time. So give your wardrobe an overhaul and get your hands on these key pieces to make sure you stay looking fresh for seasons to come.


If there is an item of clothing that has stood the test of time, it’s the LBD. This sequined dress from Mint Vintage is something that can be pulled from your wardrobe every party season, and with all those sparkles, it’s sure to make heads turn!

A Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench never goes out of style, and finding a vintage Burberry for a bargain price is quite a rarity, too. Snap up this one from Bird On a Wire or try this vintage trench coat from Mint Vintage

A Leather Jacket

Trust us, you’re always going to look cool sporting a leather jacket. Once you’ve worked out the right style, get your hands on one that you’ll keep forever. We’re fond of this classic biker jacket from Viparo Clothing Co.

A Watch

Whilst new pieces of technology come and go, a watch is (pardon the pun) timeless. This Casio wristwatch comes courtesy of The Whitepepper, and whilst it’s classic in form, it features a heart on the hand. Cute!

A Tweed Jacket

The heritage trend is huge this season, but it’s one that rears its tweed-adorned head season after season, so make sure you have a classic tweed blazer like this vintage number from Vi Nouveau in your closet. 

A Leather Satchel

Good leather looks even better with age, so a leather bag or satchel is always worth the investment, as you’ll be using it for years to come. Check out Beara Beara, whose unique designs equal the beautiful craftsmanship. How amazing is their leather backpack?

Be sure to tick these items off your wish list and you’ll be sartorially sound for years to come!