Seller Visit: The Whitepepper

We popped down to East London to catch up with the girls behind THE WHITEPEPPER, and as well as grilling them on their latest collection, we found out just how they snap their effortlessly cool pictures. Take a snoop around their studio and find out more...

Tell us about The Whitepepper! Who, where and when?

THE WHITEPEPPER is the brain-child of two girls living in East London. They met and instantly shared the same love of street-style fashion and photography, which quickly developed into THE WHITEPEPPER brand just a year ago.

Where do you get the inspiration for your ever-cool collections?

East-London itself has always been an inspiration, as is street-style and photography. Although we draw lots of inspiration from what's around us, we wanted WHITEPEPPER to be something different, something unique.

What can we expect to see from The Whitepepper this spring?

Our Spring Collection will feature some favourite pieces from our previous collection, such as the Angel dress (everyone's favourite!), reworked in Spring patterns and fabrics. We've also focused on creating some new silhouettes, and have played with proportions, creating an easy-to-wear, unique collection.

Tell us about your typical working day

There never is a typical day. We like our boutique to be constantly updated, which means we are always busy either shooting the next collection, preparing samples, speaking to our customers, model scouting, packaging orders, speaking with suppliers, organising items to be lent out for shoots... We're always very busy!

Tell us about your studio – where is it, how have you made it your own, what do you love about it?

Our studio is located in a larger East London studio which is great as we really feel we are surrounded by lots of various different creative people and brands. We've made it our own by having the collection around us, as well as our WHITEPEPPER moodboards and props from shoots, but as we're rapidly expanding it's getting to be a tight squeeze. We need to move!

What would your dream workspace look like?

It would be bigger haha! We would love to have a larger space where we can display our collection to its full potential, to invite people to see everything. We actually have a space in mind, so fingers crossed everything will go ahead and we can have a big opening party.

Best thing about ASOS Marketplace? Any tips for sellers?

There is a real sense of community about ASOS Marketplace, which we love. The Marketplace team especially have been great, we've felt you to be very supportive and appreciative of each individual brand.  

Our tips would be to try and be as original as possible to stand out from the crowd! Stay friendly, and good customer service goes a long way.

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