Get Hyped! Using Lookbook.nu to Promote Your Brand

With over 50,000 fashion-fan members, it’s safe to say that Lookbook is one of the biggest platforms for street style on the Internet. Read on to find out why you should be using it to grow your audience.

Not heard of Lookbook? Get out from under that rock and grab yourself a notepad, 'cause we’re going to give you a crash course to getting yourself and your boutique on the ‘Hot’ list. 

Lookbook.nu is the online destination to upload your street style snaps. Users from across the globe upload their looks on a daily basis, hitting the ‘Hype’ button on their faves & turning some Lookbookers into Internet celebs. 

So, why should you be using Lookbook? 

Where do we start?! As you know, here at ASOS Marketplace we champion street style photography, asking that your items are modelled on a person and photographed in the style of the best street style snappers. So, once you've uploaded your items to Marketplace, you've already got a selection of images that are Lookbook-ready. The only steps after that are tagging your items (linking back to your boutique, of course), hitting upload and watching the Hypes roll in.

One example of a Marketplace Boutique finding success on Lookbook is We Are Hairy People, whose photography impressed Lookbookers so much that their fan base is currently at 5674 and counting. Each time they upload a new look, they are exposing their brand to a new audience, clicking through to find out where to buy the pieces styled in the image and seeing their sales rise as a result. 

But Sarah, owner of We Are Hairy People, admitted that it isn't as easy as simply uploading your pictures and hoping for the best, and that it took a couple years of perseverance to get noticed. If you’re looking for a quick fix, she said, you could try sending complimentary items to popular Lookbookers who will help to improve brand awareness and sales by wearing your items in their looks.  

However, if you’re willing to put the time in to building a fanbase on Lookbook, put these top tips to good use:

Share! Use Lookbooks social media tools to the right of your uploaded look to share and invite followers to Hype your looks.
Get interactive. The more looks you like and comments you leave on other people’s looks, the more Karma you’ll receive. Karma plays a huge part in getting noticed – without any, your looks won’t appear in the live feeds, so it’s important to be an active part of the community. Not only that, but commenting on your fave looks will increase your visibility on the site, allowing like-minded users to click through to your profile and see what you've been wearing.
Tag your items. This allows Lookbook users to click directly through to your Marketplace listing and shop the look. 
Be sure to only use one model. Lookbook rules state that the pictures uploaded to any one account have to be of the same person, meaning that you can only use images of yourself, or perhaps your fave model when promoting your items on Lookbook. 
- Use only the best imagery. Imagery is key on Lookbook, so be sure to submit the snaps you're most proud of. Perhaps stop by the Hot page for some inspiration on styling, shooting and editing your pictures.

So, what are you waiting for? It couldn't be easier to sign up and get posting your looks.