Clothes Show Live: The Graduate Marketplace

Didn't make it to the Clothes Show? You don't have to miss out with our roundup of the best bit - the Graduate Marketplace Stands, of course! Meet the talented designers that caught our eye...

We can't get enough of fresh design talent at Marketplace, which is why we were more than excited to support 10 graduate designers, allowing them to show-off what they do best at this year's Clothes Show. The competition winners came from across the country, showcasing the best of textile design, jewellery, knitwear and more. What's better is, the lucky final 10 are soon to be available on Marketplace. Can't wait 'til then? Get your fill...

Dual Nation Jewellery

Spearheaded by designer Zoƫ Alexandria Richardson, Dual Nation is a jewellery boutique with a focus on handmade, statement pieces. Their collections are created by hand, making sure you won't spot anybody else wearing the same thing. See more on the Dual Nation website.

Emma Box

We couldn't get enough of the inky digital prints that covered Emma's pieces. Whilst the prints were abstract, the pieces were extremely wearable and had a modest price tag, too. Take a look at Emma's website to see more of her work. 

Emma English

Since launching just last month, Emma English has established her name as a go-to for printed silk scarves. With a country theme, her collection aimed to reflect the tradition of the English countryside, and managed that with bold bright repeat patterns of rabbits and horses. Visit her Facebook page to learn more.

Nancy Smith Headdresses

If you love florals, Nancy is your gal. With floral crowns in every colour from black to a shimmering pink on offer, you'll be pleased to know that you can already find Nancy's designs on Marketplace. We love her rose-adorned sunglasses

Shu & Me

Jewellery designer Lucy believes that one girl's trash is another girl's treasure and creates her pieces by recycling unwanted, broken or inherited costume jewellery. Cool, eh? We love how she had cleverly created greetings cards with removable vintage brooches. See more on the Shu & Me website.

Kee Boutique

Kee Boutique is a girly girl's delight, full to the brim with lace and florals. Designer Keely even had bunting on offer at her stand. You don't have to worry about missing the Clothes Show, 'cause you can find Keely's designs on Marketplace - be sure to visit Kee Boutique.

 Jessica Shaw

This young designer's collection contained a mixture of fabrics, from lace to denim. And whilst that doesn't sound the most obvious of combos, the end result was a selection of seriously covetable dresses, crop tops and backpacks. See more of Jessica's Work on her website.

Lizzie Lock Millinery 

It all started when milliner Elizabeth first got her hands on a hat block, since then her vintage collection has grown, allowing her to design vintage-inspired pieces with a contempoary twist. Take a closer look at Lizzie's hats over at the Lizzie Lock Millinery boutique.

Maria Moderna

Central Saint Martins Graduate Nika creates her strong, modern pieces with the most luxurious of quilted fabrics. We had our eye on her panel dresses! Visit Nika's boutique, Maria Moderna to see the whole collection. 

Faye Fraser

Textiles graduate Faye brought her collection of knitwear along to her stand at the Clothes Show. Sportwear inspired designs dominated her colourful collection. Interested? Take a peek at her website to see more.