60s Glamour Makeup Tutorial with Ghostparties

We set fashion and beauty blogger Kate from Ghostparties the challenge of perfecting a cat-eye flick to match a sparkling ‘60s dress. She cracked out her camera and filmed a vid so you can learn how to do it too.

Whether it’s for a festive soiree or a family dinner on Christmas Day, the cat-eye flick is foolproof and will match any outfit, and as Kate describes in her vid, is the perfect accompaniment for big hair.

Kate created her glamourous ‘60s look to match this gold shift dress from Jarvis and Janis and couldn’t have done a better job, finishing the look with shimmering eyes and pink lips. With Adele and Lana del Ray as inspiration for the party look, tips and tricks included using a nude eyeliner to open up the eyes, and how to sculpt killer cheekbones. Check out the video for more tips on creating a glamorous '60s look for your Christmas party. 

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