Make it Marketpalce: Customise a Varsity Jacket

Conquer the Christmas gift conundrum by creating a personalised DIY varsity letter to create the perfect present that is equal parts thoughtful and wallet friendly!

What you'll need:

Varsity jacket (or preferred item of clothing)
2 x sheets of felt
Letter template
Fabric glue

Step 1:

To create the base of your varsity letter, take the letter template and pin down onto a sheet of felt. Cut out the felt around the letter template and remove the pins. 

Step 2:

Cut around the template until you are left with the centre outline. Pin down the outline onto the piece of felt (must be a different colour to the felt of your base) and cut around until you have created the felt outline - this will form the middle of your letter.

Step 3:

Glue the centre outline of felt onto the base of the letter. Finally, glue the finished piece onto your garment of choice. 

Ready to DIY your own varsity letter? We'd love to see the results - be sure to tweet us a picture @ASOSMarketplace , good luck!