Seller Visits: Bird on a Wire

With a studio full of magazines, trinkets and vintage treasures it’s no wonder Buki of Bird on a Wire is constantly inspired. We got a good look around and grilled her on keeping her favourite pieces as well as tips for hunting down the best vintage…

Who is Bird on a Wire?

I’m Buki, I run bird on a wire and have been on ASOS Marketplace from when it first started. I specialize in women’s trend led vintage – anything from the '40s right up to ‘90s. It’s all quite eclectic, fun and edgy. I spend my time sourcing quality unique pieces from across the world to sell in my boutique.

Tell us about your average day at Bird on a Wire HQ?

No one day is the same – if I’m not shooting, I come in the office, check emails and sales and respond in a timely manner – I always thank everybody with a personal message. Then it’s time to pack up the products and do the trip to the post office. I spend the rest of my time editing photos and updating our social media channels. I'm a huge Facebook and Tumblr addict! A busy day, but I love it.

What have you been buying in for the colder seasons?

There is a heavy focus on grungy '90s stuff, which is a massive thing at the moment. It’s not my favourite era, but people seem to love it. It’s very nostalgic for me. As well as that, I'm hunting down unique accessories – boots, bags and unique jewellery. I'm putting a big focus on that at the moment...things to finish off the look rather than the garments themselves.

We love all your trinkets! Tell us how you decorated your space.

I fill it with things I've collected over the course of the last two years. There are references, magazines and images. All things I use on a daily basis. I wanted it to be a really relaxed, calm and creative space, not officey or regimented in any way... and I think I've managed to do that! 

You have so many pretty pieces – you must be tempted to keep some of them?

It’s very very tempting to keep things! I was very strict with myself when I first started. So strict that a few months later I started feeling really bad – what’s the point in doing this if I don’t get to enjoy some of the clothes myself? My rule is, if I bought it for the shop, I photograph it for the shop, and then see how I feel afterwards. But I do try to shop for ‘me’ and shop separately for Bird on a Wire, or things can get complicated. If I kept all the good things, there would be nothing left to put in the shop!

Any tips for keen vintage hunters?

Go around with a tape measure, because vintage cuts are very deceiving, particularly in ‘50s or ‘60s dresses. Get up very early to go on your hunt – the early bird catches the worm! You’re far more likely to find those gems if you arrive at the market or carboot early. Also, do a bit of research – find out which era suits your body shape.

Catch our video tour of Buki's studio above, or put those shopping tips to good use over at the Bird on a Wire boutique.