Then & Now | Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day, we had our sellers look back through their family albums to see which hand-me-downs still have a place in their own wardrobes. There’s nothing quite like wearing a piece with a little love and history behind it, so take a look through our gallery of mother/daughter duo’s working the same piece in different decades.

How about you? Any family favourites that still make the cut in your own outfits?

Hazel, from Rag & Bow, in her Mum’s dress. 

"I'm incredibly lucky that my Mum has lovingly archived all her amazing fashion finds over the years. My Mum is the inspiration behind my vintage business and I love wearing her original pieces”.

Susie, from Memoir Vintage, in her Mum’s 1986 wedding dress. 

“My mum paced the streets for a dress to wear on her wedding night. She didn’t know what she was looking for until seeing this dress in the window. As soon as she saw it, she didn’t care for the price or how much she could afford; she just knew she had to have it.  I reworked the dress slightly by cutting of the lower tier and teaming it with classic Jeffrey Campbell Boots. I love wearing the dress simply because it is a piece of my Mum’s history”.  

Anne, from 631 the Ramp, in her Grandmother’s wedding jacket. 

“My Grandma wore this jacket when she married my grandfather in Sweden in 1946. I love the jacket because it is such an amazing fit and was hand made by my great grandmother (my grandfather Billy's mother, who was a professional seamstress). It is a priceless piece of my own heritage”.

Jo, from Joanie’s Junk in her Mum’s dress. 

"My very stylish mama was a vintage clothes dealer in Birmingham who bought and sold Ossie Clark and Biba dresses. Unfortunately she thought we would be wearing space age throw-away clothing by now and didn't keep any of these dreamy outfits, except this beautiful paisley dress. The dress has ruffles which she hated, so she is wearing it back to front in the photo. I love my ma's 70's styling and see her as my fashion muse for shoots and ideas for my boutique".

Lauren, from Gwan x Tyullery, in her Mum’s Ray Bans. 

“This picture was taken when I was a baby (in the buggy) circa 1989. At this time my Mum was greatly influenced by the revival of 1950s rock & roll/ rockabilly street style. One of the few things my mum hasn't thrown out over the years are these Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses from the mid 80s. She bought them in a shop in Covent Garden and wore them for most of my childhood and has now handed them down to me ( well, I helped myself!)”.

Evelyn, from Shanti Vintage, in her Aunt Peggy’s dress. 

“I love wearing this dress because of all the memories of my late great auntie Peggy.  She truly was a trend setter and an inspiration. There is no way I will be customising or selling this baby.” 

Becky, from Louie Thomas, in her Mum’s fur coat.

“From as far back as I can remember my mum has always had a style I admired and I couldn't wait to grow up so I could borrow her clothes. My Mum got this coat for her 21st birthday back in the late 70’s and I tried it on and fell in love”. 

Leanne, from Sample, wearing her Mum’s Levi sweatshirt and gold necklace. 

"The photo of my Mum is from 1987, when she was 22. It’s a family favourite and still going strong".