ASOS Future Stylist | Marketplace Round!

The semi-finals for the ASOS Future Stylist comp have kicked off, and the theme for this round is...us! Each of the remaining stylists picked a piece from one of our ASOS Marketplace Boutiques, then mixed it with ASOS product to create their own unique look.

Take a look at all of the amazing looks below, then head over to the ASOS Facebook page to vote for your favourite lady.

Audrey Rodgers, France

Audrey is wearing an item from Mint Vintage, available at ASOS Marketplace.

“I kept my look simple but strong by combining a tight crop top with a flowing electric blue maxi skirt- and finally, finishing my look off with my favourite accessory - the Mediterranean sea!”

Jazmine Rocks, England

Jazmine is wearing an item from The Whitepepper, available at ASOS Marketplace

“Styling is as much about the props as it is the clothes, so I couldn't resist parading about in a pretty pink peplum skirt, heels and a matching balloon!”

Morven Watston, Scotland

Morven is wearing an item from Mad-Elizabeth, available at ASOS Marketplace.

“I tried to capture the essence of Marketplace with a slouchy, unassuming Downtown New York-esque look.”

Jana Windoffer, Germany

Jana is wearing an item from Alice Takes a Trip, available at ASOS Marketplace.

“I've found this faux leather cross shirt at Alice Takes a Trip. Just the perfect item to style a rock-inspired look for every day.”

Kani, Australia

Kani is wearing an item from Bill And Mar, available at ASOS Marketplace.

“I've never seen anything like this two-toned asymmetrical shirt! It's perfect for my 'make it unique' look with sequins, ankle cuffs and a heavy collar necklace.”