Seller Visit | Coco Fennell

Oh man, what we'd do for a flat like Coco's. We love her dress line, so it's unsurprising that the girl has mad good taste when it comes to general livin'!  We popped round to ask her some Q's and have a snoop. Like what you see? Click here for a piece of Coco Fennell's closet. 


SWEET FLAT! How long have you lived here?
Thank you! I have lived here since February I moved from the shoebox next-door so I'm very happy. I used to have to work hunched over my laptop on the sofa because I couldn't fit a table in.

How long has your boutique been going?
I have been selling for about a year. My aim is to make dresses that are super flattering on all shapes and sizes.

Do you find it hard working from home? What gets you motivated?
I quite like working at home though sometimes it gets a bit lonely and I go a bit stir crazy so I go and strike up conversations with people working in Starbucks. I usually start the day off with a dance class to get motivated.


What’s your favourite piece from your  current collection?
My favourite piece is the Jessica Rabbit red dress. It’s super flattering and awesome for winter parties.

What do you love about London?
I love everything about London. The people & the places. In winter I love the fair in Hyde Park. I'm a sucker for anything with fairy lights and rollercoaster's.

What’s your favourite local establishment?
My favourite local establishments are the antiques market at Spitalfields and Frame dance studios where I go most days for classes.


The neon COCO sign, what’s the story behind that?
I love neon so much. I was given the COCO sign as a 21st present from my mum. It’s my favourite thing in the world. I'm planning on taking a course and learning how to make neon signs for myself.

What’s your favourite vintage piece?
My favourite vintage piece is my card print dress. It’s made of beautiful chiffony fabric with fantastic beading.


Song that sums up your mood at the moment?
My bodies a zombie for you - dead mans bones


A big thanks to Coco for the tour. Like what you see? Visit the boutique to see the latest collection from