Brand History/ Stone-Dri

Originol Stone-Dri logo, plus photos of the new range and an old shot taken outside the first Stone-Dri store in 1945.  

We love hearing the story behind our Marketplace boutiques, and Stone-Dri has all the trappings of a true-heritage brand to be. Founded as Joseph Stone & Co in 1945 by four of the Stone brothers, their Salford factory turned out quality overcoats that were both functional and dapper – perfect for the working forties gentleman.

The story goes that as the brand grew in popularity, it was bought up by the much larger Foster group and quickly lost its own distinct branding. Fast forward to 2002, when Joel Brown (owner of Baker St. Clothing) found an advert for Stone-Dri on an old 1953 football program. After researching exactly what made the brand a hit first time around, Stone-Dri was re-launched with new technology, but with its old values of quality and detail still in place.

And there you have it. A quality men's outerwear line that holds hands with it’s past, but also has a bit of the modern on the side. Want to see the stylish second coming? Take a trip over to the Stone-Dri boutique here.