Brand | Faux

Look! Look at these awesome old-school photos that the team from Faux sent us, showing off their original factory and showroom. The brand’s been about since 1919, and aside from a brief period of relocation to Wales (to avoid the blitz hit Capital) the business has always been London based and family run.

Original Faux showroom

Starting out just after World War One with a commission to produce handmade coats for President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline, the brand grew so fast (whilst still keeping production UK based) they were awarded a Queen’s award for export and even branched into the world of Hollywood – supplying costume faux fur
coats for many of movies snowiest moments.

Original Faux Factory

Want to learn a little more and see what Faux looks like now? Head over to their boutique to pick up a piece by a true British heritage brand.

Original Faux Factory