We've gone global!

Oh hi WORLD. That's right, we've gone global - and it means there a few exciting changes for the site.

International users can now SELL on Marketplace.

First up, a grand Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, G'day and Howdy to all our international users who can now shop AND sell. That's right folks, the floodgates are open. Anyone, anywhere can now sell on Marketplace. Tank top from Tokyo? We got you covered. Maxi skirt from Outer Mongolia? Hellz yeah.  

Ready to sell?  You can set up a boutique (apply here) or list immediately with a basic account here. Read the deets for both options here.
Shop by location.

Want to know where you are buying from? Simply look for the flag on each product page, then get practising the following sentence: "My skirt? Oh, it's from this little boutique in Buenos Aires/ Copenhagen/ Auckland” etc. 

Teh flag lets you know where the seller is from!


Change your currency & language.

We are also making life a little easier for our international customers, take a look top right of the screen and you'll see a globe icon - click this to change the currency you are shopping in. We've also turned on the Google translate machine - just click the globe to change the language of the site.

Our new GLOBAL site!


change your currency and language here!

We hope you enjoy your new world view – if you have a comment, question or suggestion, y’all know where to find us - hit us up on Twitter or ask a question in our help forum. Ready to shop the world? Start browsing here.