The Talented Mr. Hipley

Marketplace gets a dose of 'Talented Mr Ripley' style by smaterning up its act this summer.  

Clockwise from top right; Vintage 1950's RAF Sunglasses, Lunettes London; Vintage Check Shorts, Sam Greenberg Vintage; Vintage US Boy Scouts Shorts, Peace CorpsVintage 70's Holdall, Sam Greenberg Vintage; Vintage Italian Leather Tassel Loafers, Sam Greenberg Vintage; Vintage Grandslam Penguin Polo Shirt, Ease the Squeeze; Vintage Ralph Lauren Stripe Shirt, Sam Greenberg Vintage; 'Boss' Short Sleeve white shirt, We Love to Boogie Vintage.


L-O-V-E the foppish summer throwbacks neatening up our men's summer collections on Marketplace. There seems to be two distinct summer camps at play, one being the fringed fantastics flying the flag for festivals (wow, that was a lot of F’s). The other camp, raising their eyebrows at the revellers and my previous excessive alliteration (lazy writing) are the more discerning summer gents.

This gentile creature sees a rise in temperatures as no excuse to let sartorial judgements slide. His shorts are pleated, his rolled sleeve carefully ironed and his nails filed filed within the last week. Rich tan leather accessories add to the Italian Riviera-air,  with a polite nod to all things ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’. 


Gwynnie, Jude and Matt dabbling with summer smarts in The Talented Mr Ripley.

Shorts need to be smart and belted, or for a more frivolous seaside pair, opt for a cotton checked swimmers. Even with the latter, your shirt still needs to be tucked in. A classic Oxford short sleeve works wonders, or a form fitting smart polo will also do the job. Finish the look with some original rounded fifties shades and a (well thumbed) penguin classic.