Marketplace Makeover!

Turn and face the change, ch-ch-changes....

You Marketplace mavens may have noticed a few changes to the site over the past week, so we thought we’d round up all our shiny new bits into one post so you can take us out for a spin and get the most out of your new Marketplace.

So what’s new?

What’s new? More like ‘what ISNT new’. Boy oh boy, do we have some good stuff for you.

Men’s and Women’s Homepage’s

women homepage

First up, we have new homepages for men and women, so your eyes need never again be burdened by pieces from another species. Click ‘Men’ or ‘Women’ on the top bar to pick your side.

P.s Because the internet’s are clever, if we notice you only have eyes for dresses and skirts, when you next visit us we will automatically direct you over to Women’s homepage. Gents, copy that, the same applies to your land of trews +tees.

Fashion Feed

fashion feed

So whilst you are cruising around your new gender-specific homepages, thinking ‘Wow, it’s so nice to just kick back and have some alone time with the boys/girls’ you may notice a few new features, namely – the Fashion Feed.

The Fashion Feed is your new go-to area for seeing what’s new with your favourite boutiques. You now have the ability to ‘follow’ boutiques on Marketplace – so if you’re totally diggin’ a boutique’s duds , click the heart to ‘follow‘ them. Whenever they then update their boutique, write a new boutique update or bosh out a blog, it will appear in your fashion feed.*

*We know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s essentially Marketplace Facebook and Twitter, but to just say that would have been WAY too easy.

 Boutique Blogs

boutique blogs

Hang on. Did you say Blog’s plural?

YES! The boutiques can now run their own blogs. Freedom of speech has made its way to Marketplace and our blogs are now able to make you weep with their beautiful words. If a boutique you follow writes a new blog, your fashion feed will update, or you can access a boutique’s blog from their boutique homepage.

So. Whaddya think?

We are ALL OVER our new look. We hope you like what you see, but if you’re feeling a little lost, you know what to do. Look to your left, see that little ‘Feedback’ tab? Hit us up! Like a bridge over troubled water, we will eaaaaaase your miiiiiind.