Welcome/Rock ‘N Rose

Just a leeeetle bit obsessed with new accessories boutique ‘Rock ‘N Rose’ and their desire to play dress up with our heads. ‘Rock ‘N Rose’, I bow down to your accessorising genius… and I suggest while I’m down there that you outfit me with one of your beautiful daisy chain headbands and then backcomb the heck out my hair.

Rock 'N Rose Daisy Floral Crown Headband, £22. Rock 'N Rose Daisy Floral Crown Headband, £22.

Insta-hippy = Insta-happy.

The floral crown headband is perfect for achieving that festival ‘child of earth’ look without the pesky fragility of ACTUAL nature getting in the way.  Real daisy chains? Real fiddly. I’m a busy woman about town with lattes to drink and zumba classes to go to. I don’t have time to make REAL daisy chains.

Luckily, Rock ‘N Rose know the drill. It’s fake flowers a go-go down their neck of the woods. I suggest you hippie hippie shake your way over there and pick up some headgear pronto.

Special extra shout out to this Sparrow head ring for combining exquisite statement ring beauty with the genuine emotion of Hitchcock-like terror.

image Rock 'N Rose Sparrow Bird Head Ring, £8.