Vintage History – Now and Then

One of the many reasons we love vintage clothing is the idea that each item unlocks a little piece of wearable history. With this in mind, we asked our vintage sellers to delve into their own wardrobes and share the pieces from their own family ‘archives’ that they are still wearing today.

Gabriella Graham from Gabriella Vintage

“The photograph of my grandparents is the two of them on a weekend away for one of their earlier wedding anniversaries; it dates back to around 1950. The photo on the right is my younger brother Jordan, who still wears my Granddad’s Harris Tweed Blazer, 60 years on.”

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Rebecca Lockwood from Flock

“The photo on the left is of my Mum on holiday in 1986, aged 26. She passed down her yellow ‘Vogue’ sweat top to me – it’s still in my wardrobe and is one of my most prized pieces. The photo on the right is me in my vintage studio, teaming my ‘Vogue’ with some fringed leather. I’ll never sell this top though – too many memories!”

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Emily Frazer from Vintage Tag

“These family photos were taken in 1976 at the wedding of one of my Grandma’s best friends. The two women in the photos are my Grandma and my Aunty. My grandma told me that they had both had the dresses made especially for the wedding.”

“I love wearing these dresses because I know how much my Grandma loved them too...the added bonus is that you can always guarantee that no one else will be in the same outfit as you!”

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