OMG you guys, are you going to prom? SCREAM! It’s obv going to be totes amaze, but it’s needs some serious prep work. The No.1 prom problem? A double dress disaster. No one wants to see someone else rocking their showstopper. Never fear my dears, for we have the solution…Vintage! You can be very sure no one will have the same frock on, and you get to be all smug when someone says “I LOVE your dress, where's it from?”. Simply turn, look over one shoulder and say “it’s vintage, daaaaaaahling”.

Here’s our top prom picks:

image 50’s Lace dress from Vintage Tartlette, £80

imageHandmade 50’s prom dress from KT, £125 


image Hot Pink tiered dress from Madam Popoff Vintage, £90.

image Vintage 1950's Blanes Beaded Evening Dress from Love Is Boutique, £110.

image 1950’s dress from Madam Popoff Vintage, £150.

image ‘Debut’ vintage 80’s prom dress from ABBIEAISLEEN, £20