The Bright Stripes

stripes copy

Earn your stripes this Spring by stepping out of your bretons and into bold, bright bands of colour. Take a departure from your usual sailing inspired subtle stripes, and move into friendlier waters with cheerful pastels & spring greens. Vertical or horizontal, the choice is yours, but if you look a little like a toddler attending a business/casual conference in Florida, then full marks, because you doin’ it RIGHT son.

The goods:

1. Vintage Ralph Lauren Striped Two Button T-Shirt from Sam Greenberg Vintage

2.Vintage Wrangler Western shirt from Ease The Squeeze

3. Vintage Jaeger Stripe Shirt from Gabriella Vintage

4.Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Stripe Shirt from Sam Greenberg Vintage

5. Vintage Striped Knit Jumper from Sam Greenberg Vintage