New Trend: Dogs?

Perusing the marketplace, we stumbled across a fledgling trend we would like very much to encourage. Dogs on Marketplace. Not to be bought or sold, we ain’t Petsmart, but as as part of your street style composition. The Marketplace team would like to wholeheartedly support this new development, and will look most kindly on any submissions with a cute dog in them. Its common fash legend that ‘2 is a coincidence, 3 is a trend'. So we now have ourselves a trend.

So get that next pup up and ready for walkies, because as far as we are concerned, the more canine based vogue-ing, the better.

P.S Cute clothes too.


'SAMPAY JUMPA' Coat, £200, Volklore.


"Camila" Tunic, £55, Neurotica.

Cream Cardi, £29, Never Fully Dressed.