Playtime T-Shirts by Trine

Remember fuzzyfelt mats? What do you mean you’re too young to remember them? Go away.  For those of you who do remember the little play mats, printed with towns and roadscapes perfect for floor and toy based fun times, prepare to return to that childhood state of excitement.

New boutique Trine has produced a thing of wonder, a novelty T-shirt that is actually, truly cool. No stereotypical LAD slogans here, just fantastic print graphics of roads and houses that just happen to come with the perfect accessory – wee little pins of men and cars.

The charming 3D accessories lift a simple tee out from the ordinary, but have so far also provided the perfect canvas for pub based reconstructions of driving test failures and directions to the closest Tesco Express. Best of all, and heartily recommended to all Marketplace patrons  – Grand Theft Auto (i.e lets hide all the car pins from the T-shirt owner).

Endless fun. Get involved, shop here.