5 Things/ By Valerija Vocanec, FAIRGROUND

We asked our sellers to send us images of 5 of their favourite things. Here’s what gets Valerija going.


1. Even LOVE unreturned has it's rainbow...  the colours and moods of this photo inspire me.  (Photo via http://ffffound.com)

2. Romeo said to Juliette...I live by words. (Words By Valerija)

3. White girls CAN jump! A friend took this photo of me jumping. Just proving a point.

4. Until death do us part... the controversy of this setting is so powerful!! True Art (via pos1t1on.com).

5. The Rebirth. This photo makes me feel new again. I love Darren’s work, his flow has a beautiful and gentle darkness. (Photo via http://www.darren-mcdonald.com/)

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