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Anyone else feeling a touch on the tribal side? There’s a new trend a-happening across the Marketplace and its all sorts of south-western fun.  The new Navajo girl is a distant second cousin to the contrived ‘Boho’ girl of yesteryear. Where there was gloss, there is now scuff. Where there was shine, there is now rust. Where there was Rachel Zoe, there is now Zoe Kravitz. You get the idea.

Mix up a fruit bowl of brights, but avoid looking too paint by numbers by evening yourself out with some subtle sandy hues. Go to town on the fringed bags and boots, then shop around for some key accessories to bring the theme home. Leave the dainty chains in your Winnebago, and head out with strong leather armlets, big turquoise bejewelled necklaces and bright cotton friendship bracelets.

One word of warning, if you at any point catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and think ‘Gosh, I look a bit like K$sha’ – you’ve gone too far. Take off the feathered headband, remove the feathered false eyelashes, and perhaps take off the foil hot pants in favour of a slightly longer suede pair? That’s right. All better now.

Imagine if Pocahontas got cast in Skins. That’s what your going for.

What we love:

1. In Your Sky Blouse, worn with Like One Catsuit – Fairground.

2. Tina Lilienthal Skull Silk Thread Necklace – Browns Focus

3. Black Fringe Strap Bag – White Feather

4. ‘70s Brass and Copper Tribal Armlet – Boutique by Susan Caplan

5. Suede Tassel Skirt – Make Lemonade 

6. Stephie Boot – Lama Peach

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