Inspiration/ The Sartorialist


The video about The Sartorialist that’s been floating round the internets is both beautiful and brilliant. If you ever needed Street style defined, needed some style inspiration, or just needed a little fashion faith restoring, have a watch. You can find the video here.

Street style photography is the essence of ASOS Marketplace, the style of the entire site has originated from the power and success of The Sartorialist and the other countless sites championing and appreciating this way of capturing and exploring every stylish nuance, every collar flick, heel type, every fleck of personal style that make fashion participatory, and the joy found in this process.

Marketplace celebrates pre-loved items being styled up, passed on and finding new homes inspired by their previous owner’s style. We are a home for designers to make that crucial first sale, for independent labels to grow and find their feet. Fashion can be bought, but style... style needs to be shown off and shared.

So why do we insist on street style for Marketplace? Take a brief moment to consider the difference between these two; A top, hung up on the front of a wardrobe, in a dark room, photographed with a flash. Or ... a top, styled, bought to life, worn by an actual person, taken outside, shown some love. Which would you rather look at? Which do you think sells the fastest?

It’s about capturing that feeling you get when you see a photograph, and you instantly know what you’re going to wear tomorrow. It’s about a new, different way of wearing it, and for Marketplace, it’s about being able to buy it, right that moment.

The video neatly sums up why we continue to love, support and showcase your Marketplace street style photographs, and they are A-mazing. You only need to take a quick scroll down The People’s Runway to see the beautiful imagery already shot by our remarkable sellers.

In the video, Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) defines street style photographers as always trying to create ‘The most beautiful image they can, in the simplest way they can’. Nail, on the head, hit.

So, if we can find this in Margate, what can you bring to the style table?