Welcome/ Draw in Light

The new Draw in Light Boutique has opened on ASOS Marketplace.

Effortlessly Cool. [ef-ert-lis-ly kool] –adjective

Meaning: Troublesome fashion phrase, often bandied about in place of words like ‘difficult to get over your head’ and ‘completely see though’.

Well. Burn those dictionaries style hunters. There’s a new kid in town. The new definition of effortless cool? Indie Label Draw in Light.

Draw in Light is a brand new boutique to beam its way into the Marketplace, and it’s already made itself quite at home. The label is the creative baby of Harry and Polly, two London BFF’s from birth , who turned their hands to silk screen printing. The results are nothing short of magical. The collection is awash with romantic palettes and prints that hint at astronomy, bringing light to soft fabrics and subtle fabric shapes. Glam-grunge made genuinely easy to wear, each item is something you feel you can be at your absolute best in. Finally, before I fawn so much I fall over, each piece is hand made and printed in London, so is entirely unique to you.

Ready to feel special? Shop the whole collection here. Swoon.