This is the story of/ Godfather Scarf by Louise Dungate

Louise Dungate tells the story of her 'Godfather Scarf' - available on ASOS Marketplace now.

“When I'm creating pieces, I'm very much a "feet first" type and I'll just have a go at making something without often doing much planning. So far, this method has produced some results that I'm really proud of – the Godfather scarf is the perfect example of this. The piece came first, then the name, but now I really could not call it by anything else.

To be completely honest, I was thinking only about myself when I made this scarf, although I’m not sure I should be admitting that! I have always wanted a ridiculously large scarf, and when I discovered a nifty way to knit one, I just sat down and got to work. The specific design on the piece was a result of trial and error, but the actual notion of a cocoon-like knitted scarf stems from childhood snow days in my garden. I remember being bundled up with not one but several scarves at once, courtesy of my mother, and feeling so cosy. When I chose to do the scarf in black, it took on its own independent bad boy attitude, so I just had to add it to my collection. I'm sure whoever wears it will know that actually, it's wearing them - but that's the beauty of it, because how many scarves can do that?” – Louise Dungate, Designer, Louise Dungate Knitwear.

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