Fashion Manifesto/ Teju Bolaji

Teju Bolaji is one of our first individual sellers on ASOS Marketplace, trading under the name Vintage Tartlette . A sneak preview of some of her first pieces revealed a staggeringly sharp eye for key vintage finds. Now we know why we can never find anything quite right in certain vintage stores. Teju got there first. She shares her ‘Fashion Manifesto’ below.

Teju Bolaji sells items on ASOS Marketplace under the name 'Vintage Tartlette' 

“I like the idea of being able to reinvent myself. The idea of reinvention is no longer a daring act reserved for stars like Madonna, whose emerged each year with a new image.

For me Fashion is like 'fun time' where I can experiment with different styles, almost like props. All it can take is a new hair colour, a statement necklace or a dash of lipstick to provide the same excitement of wearing something for the first time. It may not be new, but it’s a new dimension of myself.”

Teju’s pieces will be available to buy on ASOS Marketplace when we launch later this month. If you are interested in becoming an individual seller on the Marketplace, stay tuned to the blog to find out when the Marketplace doors will open.