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Natalie Brown is London based accessories designer, specialising in intricate, laser cut and hand sewn pieces. The Natalie Brown Accessories boutique will open up shop on the Marketplace when we launch in November. Meanwhile, we tracked her down to learn a little more about the ‘why & how’ behind her beautiful handiwork.

2 Natalie Brown pieces, looking delectable in the great outdoors!

Q: Describe your boutique in one sentence.

A: An enchanted forest of luxury waiting to be uncovered.

Q: How did you get started in accessories? How did you get to this point?

A:I love the idea that just by adding an accessory you can change the whole look of your garment and give it a new life. I have always loved making things and creating something from nothing but an idea and my hands.

I started by designing printed textiles, but always felt slightly frustrated that I couldn’t turn my printed fabrics into garments. So, I returned to London College of Fashion to complete an MA. I was introduced to loads of fantastic technology and was amazed what the laser cutter could do. I turned my drawn line into a cut line and started manipulating the shapes. I started creating three dimensional patterns, which then just naturally grew into accessories.

Q: What has inspired your boutique collection?

A:Nature’s patterns, textures, tessellations, magic, multiples, extravagance and curiosities.

Q: Briefly give us the run-down on how you make your accessories?

A: Firstly I start by drawing, this way I can understand the three dimensional shapes I need to create. Then I start with my scissors and leather. I snip and stitch until I have the right form. Once I am happy with the sample, I transfer the flat drawing into line on the computer and use a laser cutter to cut the shapes out. Finally I hand stitch them together.

Q: Other than your own, what’s the best necklace that you’ve ever seen?

A: It’s not a necklace, but Shaun Leane’s Aluminium Spine for Alexander McQueen is incredible. But I also love everything Fred Butler does. Here’s Susie Bubble modelling her very own Fred Butler Christmas gift. Amazing!

Fashion blogger Susie Bubble models a gift from Fred Butler Fashion blogger, Susie Bubble models a gift from Fred Butler

Q: What songs do you listen to when you’re busy in the studio making your accessories?

A: I listen to Radio 4, is that really boring? I seem to learn a lot of useless/useful information at the same time as making. Some of the pieces take up to eight hours to make, that’s a lot of Radio 4!

Q:What iconic image could do with an added Natalie Brown accessory?

A: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Doesn't Audrey look utterly divine in a Necklace by Natalie Brown?  

(Photo from here, Necklace by Natalie Brown Accessories, of course!)