Peek-A-Boutique/ Peace Corps

Peace Corps are stockists of authentic military vintage wear and utilitarian inspired fashion. Peace Corps boutique will be one of our inaugural boutiques, helping to open the Marketplace this November.  Peace Corps top dog, Daniel Greenberg, answers our prying questions.

Peace Corps Street Style

Q: Describe the boutique in one sentence.

A:Genuine military surplus & similarly inspired clothing and accessories, chosen for their original detailing and functionality.

Q: How and when did the Boutique get started?

A: We had been running some military lines through our brother brand, Sam Greenberg Vintage, but wanted to expand out – so Peace Corps launched independently in March. Whilst classic elements of military dressing are always in style the look is really bang on trend at the moment. Peace Corps also allows us to bring in stock with higher levels of ‘repeatability’ – perfect for the Marketplace.

Q: How often does new stock come in, and where do you source it from?

A: We receive new stock pretty much weekly, varying between regular repeatable lines or more unique one-off pieces. Our items are sourced from all over the world. We have a network of closely guarded, top secret vintage suppliers and we also visit big military surplus wholesalers, massive aircraft hanger sized places, absolutely full of original ex-army gear. 


Q: What’s your favourite item from Peace Corps?

A: It’s actually an item of my own; a classic U.S. Army M65 Field Jacket but with an original '60s "Keep on Truckin" sew-on patch from its previous owner. It perfectly sums up what Peace Corps is all about; taking items with great detailing and utilitarian functionality out of their original military context into a cool fashion friendly one. We come in peace!

Q: You are a Captain. Based on their style arsenal alone – who would you pick as your lieutenant and 2nd lieutenant?

A: Elvis had a real quirky individual style in his early rockin' days, and then transformed himself by reverting to classically smart & handsome with his buzz cut in his G.I. years. Closer to home, one of my grandfathers was the inspiration for my Sam Greenberg Vintage brand, but my other Grandpa, Ralph, looked pretty dapper in his British Army WW2 uniform too. I can definitely see the charm my Grandma fell for.

Q: Which country has the most stylish army?

A: As always, you just can't beat the Italians for style, but you also can’t beat them for sizes. They say an army marches on it's stomach, and the Italian Army are obviously eating small plates. Our Italian Army Combat Jacket with it's distinctive star on the collar & cinched waist comes mainly in XS and S sizes, perfect for the girls!