(Mad) Men at work

3 series in, 'Mad Men' has trailblazed its way into becoming a full blown style movement. Achieving what few shows can lay claim to, the ‘60s adworld glamour caused an instantaneous street style spark.

Summoning an entirely romantic smokescreen of sixties charm, trendsters everywhere began emulating its 3-martini-lunch frivolity as fast as they could. The perfect style vacation from recession-hit grey cubicle culture, the Mad Men style saturation has achieved a rare feat.

Replicating the look relies heavily on sourcing key ‘60s pieces - vintage buyers were reaching for their horn-rimmed specs and pocketbooks long before consumer demand for wasp waists infiltrated the catwalk.

Prada was first off the mark, releasing the ready-to-wear, pitch perfect 'Print Collection' dresses in May, whilst simultaneously sending the girls out for AW ‘10 in a steady stream of clichéd-but-cool retro printed A-Line silhouettes. Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs followed suit, readying their Joan Holloways for winter with cinched cable knits belted to define full skirts.

Away from the catwalk, those not prepared to drop a G on a Prada prom dress are stepping up the quest to rummage their way to the real deal, returning the trend full circle to the streets.

As No.1 big look for A/W, it's likely that inner- city vintage hubs will have amped up their prices accordingly or already sold out of their best ‘50s finds.

The best bet for budding Betty Drapers is to head regionally. Small town charity stores untouched by the trendies are the treasure trove here. TOP TIP - charity shop finds often reflect the personality of their location. If you're still after a light weight A-line to see you through the last few days of summer, head to coastal towns such as Margate or Weymouth. Vintage fruit often doesn't fall far from the tree, so the boardwalk-strutting beauties of a bygone era will often offload locally. Head North for heavier, wool based gems to carry you into colder climes.

We asked a selection of our Marketplace Sellers to exhibit their ‘60s wiggle in their own vintage finds, demo-ing how they make 'Mad Men' work in a modern world.

Let a vintage dress speak for itself. Minimal accessories can set off loud prints without quietening down a ‘60s shift.

Mad Men Street Style 1

Marketplace vintage seller Fran demos exactly how to pull off *the* key skirt length for AW ‘10. Mid- calf florals are cinched with a woven belt and earthed with a simple T and coordinating wedges.

Mad men street style 2 Mad men street style 3

Kayla (She of Boots fame) adds an asymmetric hem to a ‘50s dress to bring it bang up to date.