LFW Love/ Yang Du

Oh Yang Du. Endlessly entertaining with her clever yarns, this is her second time at LFW, last year showing with On/Off Presents and this year within the New Gen exhibit.

London Fashion Week Yang Du

Can we all just have a little chat about Yang Du and the miraculous rejuvenating power of her adorable knitwear?

Just very occasionally, Fashion Week can turn you a touch on the grumpy side. It’s getting late, you can’t get a skinny cap for love nor money and it’s the second time that day you’ve taken a stiletto to the bunion.

(Side note – thank G that platforms seem set to continue into ‘SS11. Bigger surface area > less 3rd party inflicted puncture wounds).

Then, like a beautiful spring lamb gaily romping about neon hills – Yang Du pops up to remind you that fashion is just darn fun. Happily occupying a jolly little corner of New Gen, the Yang Du zoo was awash with playful poncho’s and winter wools you wanted to affectionately stroke as much as wear. The neon orange lion gloves were particularly refreshing.

Yang Du Gloves London Fashion Week

It was witty, beautiful and bright. Clever Yang Du. We’ve given up on the IT crowd, we’ll take the knit crowd any day.

Oh Yang Du You? Find out more, straight from the lions mouth here.