LFW Love/ David Koma

A firm fixture in the new fash pack, David Koma graduated in March 2009 with a distinction in MA Fashion from Central Saint Martin’s. His graduate collection won last years Harrods design award, and his careers been up, up and away ever since.

 David Koma SS11 Runway 1 

There was a lot to love at David Koma. Monochrome was lifted with feminine accents of lemon & rose and graduated skater skirts ruled supreme. Hitting the thigh just below their usual resting spot, the skirts looked to have a made a break away from straight up ra ra, into a more refined, fuller shape, hinting at a prom queen past.

David Koma ss11 Runway 2

Dresses were embellished with metal, creating an almost ethereal ‘glinting in the disco ball, spotted through the dry ice’ boogie nights effect. Think John Travolta + suit of armour. The python peplum belts acted like a highlighter pen, lifting up the dark ensembles and proudly declaring them. The slight excess of fabric in the skater skirts performed the same role, showcasing skill whilst hinting ambition. As always, it’s all in them details.